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Carvana provides car shoppers a better way to buy a car. Browse used cars online and get approved for financing. All credit accepted. Get started now!

Will carvana buy my car if it’s been in an accident.
It’s as simple as that. Carvana says they are accident free just because it doesn’t say so on Carfax. Yet, they weren’t able to catch these issues with my car that a mechanic found in less than 15 minutes through their 153 point inspection? There’s really something fishy going on here.
Carvana does everything it can possibly do to make you a happy buyer. With a 7-day money back guarantee, excellent customer service, and a 100-day or 4,189-mile warranty, it’s obvious they want your business. The bottom line is that Carvana has a lot going for it and should be on your list for both purchasing and financing your next new car.
We took the car to a local dealer and got it checked out and also drove it in a variety of scenarios to be sure that I liked it. I loved it! I am so happy with my purchase and with the service that I got from Carvana. After my trial period, they sent me 10 promo codes to share with others who might be looking to buy a car with Carvana.

Carvana is the whole new way to buy a car, so our process is nothing like what you would experience on a sales lot. Just like shopping for a new couch or your next favorite pair of shoes, Carvana offers a car buying experience for today’s world: completely online, done from the comfort of your home, on your own time, with delivery right to.
It’s a pain in the neck. Or, your car could have body damage. Your teen driver might’ve been playing bumper cars by accident, or there’s unexplained dents and dings after parking in your office parking spot for a few years. A fender bender could mean your car looks like it’s been through a warzone but it’s still drivable.
The car has most likely been in an accident that was not disclosed to me (or apparently on the carfax report).. My temp plates are a month past expiration, and they won’t issue a new temp. Carvana says it’s out if their hands, as it’s been passed off to a company called ABS Tag & Title. ABS does not respond to messages left for them.

Wanted to get a car for my wife. Been spending months visiting different dealership within hundreds miles in my area. It’s either no title, car sold when I got there, or other stupid excuses. Just tired of being asked to see another car other than my choice. Thought of Carvana after that and fond of the whole experience.
Just took delivery of a Mazda CX-9. this was my second Carvana car, bought the first one two years ago, a Ford Explorer. My goal for this purchase was to do the whole process 100% online. Unfortunately I did have to make one phone call to sort out some insurance stuff.
Carvana customers shop online at, so they can skip the dealership, saving them valuable time and money with The New Way to Buy a Car™.All 15,000+ vehicles in Carvana’s national inventory come with a 7-day return policy, giving customers the peace of mind and time to ensure their vehicle fits their life.

The RAV4 drove like a dream, and my local mechanic gave me a huge thumbs up when I brought it in for a used car inspection. Once my 7-day trial period was up, Carvana sent me an email saying that.
I had been thinking about buying a car because my 13-year old car, a 2004 Honda CRV named Taffy, is hanging on by a thread. Well not really. It’s in good running shape though it needs a tune up and new tires. It was hit in an accident a year ago and technically totaled because the value of the car is less than the cost to repair.
In my adult life I’ve been involved in eight total car transactions. In all those transactions – both buying and selling privately and at a dealership – I’ve never had an experience like the one I’m about to share in this Carvana review. This 2-year old company based in Atlanta may be revolutionizing how used cars are bought and sold. You may have heard about Carvana from their ‘lazy man.

Reserving your car. If there’s any aspect of Carvana that’s frustrating it’s that the car you have your eye on might get snapped up by someone else. To prevent this, you can lay claim to a car and buy yourself more time by going further into the process.
At Carvana, we know that buying a car is a serious undertaking. We want to do everything we can to put your mind at rest. Every car we sell is Carvana Certified with a 100 day/4,189 mile “Worry Free Guarantee,” and a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.. We work as hard as we can before your purchase to make sure the car is everything you expect it to be.
Car quality appears exceptional. Carvana uses Carfax, which uses Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) info to track the vehicle’shistory. Carvana does not sell cars that have been in an accident. There’s even a 100-day guarantee on your vehicle. There’s a 7 day “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee on your purchase.

Carvana customers save valuable time and money by skipping the dealership entirely and shopping online at All 15,000+ vehicles in Carvana’s national inventory are photographed in 360 degrees, so customers get a high-definition virtual tour, in addition to a 7-day return policy, giving customers the peace of mind and time to ensure the vehicle fits their life.
If Carvana won’t sell cars that have been in accidents, why did they buy my car that’s been in an accident? I disclosed the accident to them (I don’t care what it costs me, I’m never going to lie about something having to do with a car transaction… it’s just too shitty to do to another person).
Carvana gave me an offer to buy my car and backed out of the deal at the last second saying that the market for used cars is not good right now because of the coronavirus. I was told by multiple employees that the offer would still be good as long as I had an appointment with them to sell my car. This turned out to be a lie.

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