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Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken Recipe
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fried chicken recipes allrecipes while it may not be traditional for "southern" fried chicken i love the tangy tenderization that the buttermilk provides after the buttermilk soak dredge the chicken pieces in seasoned flour and fry them in hot oil until crisp and golden fried chicken recipe cut the whole chickens into 4 breasts 4 thighs 4 legs and 4 wings and set aside preheat your oil in either a heavy pan on the stove or a deep fryer to 325 degrees f crispy fried chicken recipe allrecipes without a doubt her recipe is the best fried chicken i ve ever prepared or eaten not only is it delicious and crispy hot right out the frying pan but when warmed up the next day in the oven the chicken is as crispy as ever thank you ms o neill for sharing your wonderful recipe southern fried chicken recipe allrecipes great fried chicken i have always been intimidated by frying chicken i usually marinate it overnight in buttermilk use a purchased coating and deep fry it it turns out burnt and you can t taste the coating i really wanted to make a good fried chicken so i came to allrecipes once again this recipe seemed almost too simple and plain i did classic southern fried chicken recipe this is a basic southern fried chicken recipe and it is easy and delicious serve this crispy fried chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw along with steamed broccoli or another favorite side dish use bone in chicken pieces in this recipe for a fried chicken recipe that is significantly lower in fat try southern fried chicken thighs triple dipped fried chicken recipe allrecipes this will replace my normal fried chicken recipe helpful 85 jenifer rating 3 stars 08 09 2010 we found the chicken to be very bland and definitely needed more salt the dredging process worked very well for an crispy crunch but i would say add salt to the flour mixture perhaps a tablespoon for bigger flavor helpful 58 1 of 159 triple dipped fried chicken allrecipes munity 2 of 159 kentucky fried chicken copycat recipe although you may not be a fan of using msg the real secret to making this taste like the original kentucky fried recipe is including the accent in the recipe so do not eliminate this if you want authentic flavor to assure the coating will stick allow the chicken to sit for 20 to 30 minutes after rolling in the flour mixture how to make crispy juicy fried chicken that’s better let me walk you through the pleasure of eating this crispy juicy fried chicken you’ve got this glistening drumstick with a coating so full of crunchy ripples that it is hard to determine where to hold on you decide fingertips are best for maneuvering this chicken from the plate to your mouth best ever fried chicken recipe crispy juicy and perfectly seasoned this really is the best fried chicken recipe ever summer reunions and neighborly gatherings will never be the same when i was growing up my parents had a farm and every year dad would hire teenage boys to help by haying time they looked forward to ing because they knew they would be treated to crispy fried chicken recipe do not drain the chicken on paper towels drain the chicken pieces on a rack with paper towel underneath otherwise your crust will turn to mush sitting on the paper towel and as another user remarked your oil or shortening must e back up to temperature before you add another batch of raw chicken that is on the cook not the recipe
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