How to Cook Yummy 2+ ingredient banana pancakes

2+ ingredient banana pancakes. These two-ingredient banana pancakes have been floating around the internet for several years now, first on fitness sites (protein! low fat!) and then on parenting sites (toddler-friendly!). Sightings finally reached critical mass, and I had to try them for myself. This world's simplest pancakes recipe contains just two ingredients (egg and banana) and is super quick – just minutes from bowl to plate!

2+ ingredient banana pancakes Just an egg and a banana will make these moist and delicious. If you don't know I'm a pancake lover by now, you may never know. My love for these glorious stacks of fluffy goodness runs deep. You can have 2+ ingredient banana pancakes using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of 2+ ingredient banana pancakes

  1. Prepare 1 of – banana.
  2. It’s 2 of – eggs.
  3. It’s of Optional ingredients: berries, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
  4. It’s of Optional toppings: maple syrup, honey, sugar, brown sugar, etc.

My dad used to make us HUGE pancakes before school that required two spatulas to flip. In a mixing bowl, crack in the eggs and add in baking powder. An amazing recipe for pancakes using only two common ingredients. First, while the griddle preheats over medium, you'll whisk the A few banana chunks are OK here, especially if you want some chunks in your pancakes.

2+ ingredient banana pancakes instructions

  1. Mash a banana into a bowl and mix both eggs to create a batter. Leave some small banana chunks. A fork works just fine..
  2. Place a nonstick pan over medium heat and coat with either butter or oil..
  3. Pour 2-3tbsp of batter at a time to create pancakes about 3” in diameter. These pancakes are very thin and won’t be able to flip if they’re too large! (See my mistake photo). Add blueberries/mixins before flipping.
  4. Once the bottom of the pancake is brown, and the top is making small bubbles around the edges, carefully flip the pancake. My best success was flipping without lifting the spatula- slide the spatula under the pancake, and plop it onto the other side..
  5. Cook until golden brown. Add toppings and enjoy!.

A fresh banana and a couple of delicious eggs are all you need to make this banana pancake recipe that's sure to be the end-all of healthy breakfast flat cake recipes. Add pure maple syrup to turn this home run recipe into a grand. Banana pancakes are incredibly easy to make, especially when you're making them for two, because you just need one overripe banana and a handful of pantry staples. You whisk together the dry ingredients: flour, a little sugar, baking powder, and salt. How to make two-ingredient banana pancakes.

How to Cook Yummy 2+ ingredient banana pancakes
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